I’ve seen a lot of the world through my lenses on the way back to San Francisco where I am at my best. My desire to create beautiful and unique images naturally leads me to food projects as a specialty. Insistence on careful planning during each phase of a project ensures distinctive and delicious results. 

During 20 years as a commercial photographer I’ve had successful studios in Austin, Miami, London, Brussels and Hamburg. My clients have included Levis, Macy's, Fairmont Hotels, Curves International, Sweet 'n' Low, Pediasure, Fuddruckers, AT&T, Dell, and magazines such as Essen & Trinken, Bild  der Frau, Austin Monthly, and Brilliant.

A successful shoot captures the essence of people, places, or products in a visually striking fashion. I’m a versatile talent who marries an eye for composition and lighting, with the technical expertise to make every shot a winner. My ongoing efforts to stay current in digital imaging technology assures my clients a consistent production-ready result.  

I’d love to discuss your next project with you!

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